JOUR133: Prof. Craig: Stories You'd Never Want to Cover

JOUR133: Prof. Craig: Stories You'd Never Want to Cover


Allergy season
Analyzing stock market
Anything about machinery or software
City Council meeting
How much water used for campus lawns
Lettuce shortage
New font or typeface has been created
On-campus lectures
Opening of new facilities
Recycling on campus
Road construction projects
Ribbon cutting ceremony
Upcoming library events
Profile of William Tillinghast

Done to death already:
Classroom/housing issues (no AC, bad air quality)
Getting into classes
Classes that suck
Housing costs
Life in the dorms
Sleep deprivation
Technology overload
UPD sending out late emails about things that happen on campus

Different colors of fire hydrants
Interview with dog/cat lover (if pets are their WHOLE LIFE)
People can't use bathrooms right
Road kill -- what it is, where it comes from
Rolling backpacks on campus
Why people add Kale to everything
Zombie obsession

Celebrity features
Fashion articles about designers who were born into fame/wealth
Famous rich public figure gives to charity
Sports star/celebrity caught sending naked photos
Tabloid-esque articles in real news outlets


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