Journalism 133: Prof. Craig: COVID-19 Story Ideas

COVID-19 Story Ideas

In a time like this, carrying out the duties of most jobs is challenging.  Yet for an assigning news editor, the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on numerous facets of life can be a gold mine of story opportunities.  There has obviously been a barrage of news coverage related to this across all kinds of general topics, yet there are tons of story ideas that remain undiscovered.

For this assignment, you will be an assigning editor generating ideas for COVID-19-related stories within a general topic area (see table below).  You are to come up with three story ideas you have not yet seen covered by any news outlet that are related to COVID-19's impact on your general topic and relevant to our student audience.   You are encouraged to be creative with your choices -- look for unique angles or people, or different approaches to familiar topics.  

For each of these, you will write a brief description of the idea, some suggestions of potential interviewees (specific individuals or types of people), and a quick description of why this idea or approach is different from other coverage and why it might appeal to SJSU students.

This is not a group project -- you will complete it individually.  The assignment is to be emailed to me by Friday at midnight.


Topics for assignment:

School/Classes Jobs/Money Relationships Daily Life Mental Health
Christina Casillas
Erica Lizarrago
Brian So
Sierra Williams
Andrew Glenn
Adam Yoshikawa
Laura Fields
Max Miller
Don Le
Enrique Gutierrez-Sevilla
Esmeralda Bautista
Chelsea Nguyen-Fleige
Sofia Wright
Jarra Gojolo
Amani Hamed
Chris Padilla
Jesus Tellitud


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