JOUR133: Prof. Craig: Groups for Story Project Exercise

Groups for JOUR133 Story Project Exercise

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William Yap
Arooba Kazmi
Jessica Howell
Jennifer Gonzalez
Karianne Sudyka
Ashli Lett
Jenae Mims
Albert Onyemem
Joseph Roias
Thomas Soares
Andre Jaquez
Kristin Lam
Noe Magana
Mercedes Martinez
Melanie Piedra
Daisuke Eguchi
Mo Bafakih
Sarah Klieves
Satvir Saini
Davide Montagner

For this exercise, you will plan out a story package about something quirky here on the SJSU campus.  I've randomly broken the class into groups for this exercise.

Each group should do the following:

Monday 5/8: Go out on campus to find story ideas for something unusual or quirky here at SJSU.  The stories would ideally lend themselves to at least three kinds of media (print story, photo gallery, video, podcast, whatever),  Spend as much of today's class period as you need to do this.  You do not need to produce the content, for today just find story ideas.

Wednesday 5/10: Meet as groups in class to select one story and develop a story plan for it.  A story plan should include:
* The central idea of the story
* The angles you would use in approaching the story
* The types of people (or specific individuals) you would try to talk to for the story
* How you would plan to use different types of media effectively to tell the story
* Basic questions you would like to see answered by the story
You should use the class time to put these elements together into an outline you can present to class the following Monday.  This outline can include photos or other visuals if you want, but nothing is required more than a basic text outline of the story plan.

Monday 5/15: In lieu of a final exam, groups will present their outlines for 5-10 minutes apiece.  


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