Journalism 133: Prof. Craig: Accuracy Exercise

Accuracy Exercise

This is a two-part exercise, but it's pretty straightforward.  First, you will each individually spend 15 minutes writing up a brief but detailed story about what you consider to be the craziest and/or stupidest thing you did during your high school years and the consequences you faced.  Be sure to include as much detail as you can remember (embarrassing or not).  When it's finished, you will email it to me at  

THEN, you will pair off into the groups below (subject to slight changes, depending on any absences today).  Within the group, you will then interview each other about that same incident, without consulting the story or any notes from Part 1.  You will then, between now and the beginning of Thursday's class, write up a brief story about the crazy/stupid thing your partner did in high school, and email it to me.  I will then compare the two versions of the stories for accuracy.

Groups for exercise:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Duncan Robertson
Hugo Vera
Sara Biela
Tyler Skolnick
Citlali Munoz
Austin Turner
Cora Wilson
Javier Velez
Zoe Alvarez
Alyson Chuyang
Raymond Yee
Melody Del Rio
Brenden Querubin
Mauricio La Plante
Alana Kennedy
Jessica Stopper
Nathan Doyle
Kelsey Valle
Madyson Montoya
Ana Acosta
Hoi Shan Cheung





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