Journalism 133: Prof. Craig: Accuracy Exercise 2

Accuracy in Editing Exercise

This is a two-part exercise across two class meetings, the first of several throughout the semester.  First, you will each individually go out on campus and look for a story idea about an element of SJSU that the average student wouldn't know about, then write up a 500-word story about it.  Second, in the next class meeting, you will get together with your assigned partner (see below), exchange stories and edit them for grammar, spelling and content, then submit that edited version to me by the end of class

At the top of your submission, be sure to include "Story by (____), Edited by (_____), so it's clear who wrote the initial story and who edited it into its final version.  When it's all finished, you will email it to me at  

Groups for exercise:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Alana Kennedy
Sara Biela
Brenden Querubin
Madyson Montoya
Alyson Chuyang
Hugo Vera
Duncan Robertson
Hoi Shan Cheung
Tyler Skolnick
Melody Del Rio
Cora Wilson
Citlali Munoz
Kelsey Valle
Javier Velez
Austin Turner
Mauricio La Plante
Zoe Alvarez
Raymond Yee
Jessica Stopper
Nathan Doyle
Ana Acosta





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