Journalism 133: Prof. Craig: Story Flow

Story Flow

In any piece of writing, journalistic or not, you want to create a narrative that invites readers in and encourages them to keep reading.  You want a story that uses connective threads of content to lead the reader from one passage to the next.  In journalism this can be difficult because you often have facts that need to be in the story but are difficult to introduce without interrupting the flow of the narrative.  Often you use transitions and quotes to move the story along.

Assignment: Assemble story information so that it uses narrative flow to draw readers in and keep them reading to the end.  

Lead paragraph:

An upscale Italian restaurant in Mooresville, N.C. is receiving plenty of criticism – and praise – on social media after banning children under the age of five.

Start with the lead paragraph, then reorganize the following graphs so that you believe they flow best.