Journalism 133: Prof. Craig: Story Ideas Exercise, Part 2

Story Ideas Exercise, Part 2

I've taken the story ideas submitted by the groups last week, rearranged them and reassigned them.  Within your groups, you will receive by email two different story ideas proposed by someone else in the class.  Choose one of these two ideas and as a group, decide on how you would go about approaching the story.  You will make a brief presentation to the class about your chosen story next time.

For this assignment, I will allow each group the following option: If you believe you have a story idea that is better than either of the two you've been assigned, you can go ahead and pursue it instead, but you'll need to explain why you think your idea is superior to the other two.  Use the elements of newsworthiness discussed in class to explain why your idea is better than the others.  

For the story you choose to pursue, please put together a story plan.  This should include:

You should use the class time to put these elements together into an outline you can present to class next time.  This outline can include photos or other visuals if you want, but nothing is required more than a basic text outline of the story plan.

Groups for exercise:

Group # Student Names
1 Jose Govea
Jonas Elam
2 Paul Hang
Lindsey Boyd
3 Amanda Whitaker
Kunal Mehta
4 Kelly Burns
Ernie Gonzalez
5 Huan Xun Chan
Nick Romeo
6 Yasmin Abdi
Ben Stein
7 Myla LaBine
Nora Ramirez
8 Marissa Scott
Taylor Lupetti
9 Melisa Yuriar
Brianna Sheats
10 Lovetta Jackson
Maddy Morwood



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