Journalism 133: Prof. Craig: Story Ideas Exercise, Part III

Story Ideas Exercise, Part III

In the third and final installment of this assignment, you will work together to edit another group's story and sidebar.  As with the previous version, you can divide the labor however you like -- if the person in your group who wrote the full story edits the sidebar this time and vice versa, that's fine, but however you want to organize it is okay with me.  You will receive a collective grade on the entire assignment, so you may want to go over each other's edits before you turn the whole thing in. 

This is a two-part assignment.  Before you do anything else, go to the end of the file, create a new page, then paste the existing text in to create a second version of the original document.  The first version is the markup version (Part 1) ; the second is the edit version (Part 2).  

For Part 1, mark up the story and sidebar as they exist (using Track Changes on Word or Suggested Edits on Google Docs, or on paper), noting where things are done well and poorly, and adding suggestions for changes.  For Part 2, you will edit the piece into a finished version.  You may edit however you deem necessary -- you can cut and/or add passages, you can rephrase for clarity, you can rearrange the story so it makes more sense to you.  If you really want to, you can do more interviews or research and add that to the story, but it's not required.

You should look for several elements as you mark up and edit, including these:

  1. The minimum requirements for the assignment were: A main story of 750 words, a sidebar of 300 words, and at least three interviews across both stories.  Did this story and sidebar meet those minimums?
  2. Are there spelling or grammar errors?
  3. Are the facts correct, to the extent that you can verify them?
  4. Is the writing clear and engaging?
  5. Does the story flow well -- does one topic or quote lead effectively to the next?
  6. Does the sidebar both complement the main story and stand on its own?

The assignment is due Thursday, at the beginning of class.

Groups for exercise:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Chris Core
Jaileane Aguilar
Christian Trujano
Alejandro Avila-Martinez
Ed Teixera
Joclyn Aguirre
Ryan Carlson
Brendan Cross
Dan Nguyen
Rachel Tate
Stevie Corio
Jonathan Austin
Candace Farmer
Alexis Navarro
Shruthi Lakshmanan
Victoria Franco




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