Mass Comm 139: Prof. Craig: First Debate Assignment, Part 2

First Debate Assignment, Part 2


Now that the first debate is over and you've prepared your analysis of what happened, here's what comes next.  I have posted links to some articles on this page -- you may peruse them on your own, or you may use them as noted for this assignment.

You will not change any of the analysis you wrote based on your own viewing of the debate.  Open a new page in your word processor and put "Debate Assignment Part 2" at the top. 

Choose one article from the "Trump Wins" list below and one from the "Clinton Wins" list, and discuss in a page to a page and a half each where you agree and/or disagree with the author's take on different elements of the debate, and tell me why.  Email me your finished assignment by class time Monday morning. 

The remaining articles will be noted in class today and moving forward.  I will add to these lists as time and events warrant.

Trump Wins:

Clinton Wins:

Multiple Opinions:

Nobody Wins: