Dec. 1899 Cover (Early Color)
Sept. 1904 Cover (World's Fair)
April 1944 Cover (Judy Garland)
August 1965 Cover (James Bond)
Recent Cover (Zooey Deschanel)

First Magazines Published in North America 
American Magazine (1741) 
General Magazine (1741) 

First issue: June 1850 Cover 
May 1865 Cover (after Lincoln's Death)
Recent Cover

Jan. 1887 Cover (Plain)
April 1899 Cover (Early Color)
Illustrations from 1904: Example 1 | Example 2
October 1904 Cover (Ornate Illustration)

Saturday Evening Post:
January 1910 Cover (New Year's Baby)
March 1944 Cover (Tattoo Artist)
November 1951 Cover (Thanksgiving)
1926 Christmas Cover
1939 Christmas Cover 
May 1937 Story (Agatha Christie)

1899 Baker's Breakfast Cocoa
1904 Colgate Violet Talc
1912 Colgate Dental Cream
1914 Colgate Dental Cream
1914 Rogers Bros. Silver
1930s Kuppenheimer Men's Clothes (Christmas)
1942 General Electric two-page spread

First Issue, March 1923 (Joseph Cannon)  (Read issue)
January 1935 Cover (Henry Ford - early color)
April 1942 Cover (Nazi Admiral)
May 1950 Cover (Coca-Cola)

April 1952 Cover (Marilyn Monroe)
May 1945 Cover (Winston Churchill)
July 1942 Cover (Flag)

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