Journalism 133: Prof. Craig: Final Project

Final Project

The final project assignment involves writing and editing a 1000-word (or more) main story and 500-word (or more) sidebar story about the general topic your group has been assigned below.  It's up to you and your group partner to narrow the subject down to story and sidebar topics that will be effective.

It is due on the last day of class (Monday, May 16) and will count for 25 percent of your class grade.  

You have been randomly paired off into groups, and should use the remaining class time today to determine what subject you want to write about and possible subtopics for the sidebar story.  You can get together in person, by Zoom or whatever works for you.  I can provide an email address for your partner if needed.

Within your group, please put together a story plan you can collectively discuss in class next time.  This should include:

You and your group partner will report on this story, with a minimum of four interviews (with actual people, not quoted from websites or otherwise secondhand) across the story and sidebar.  You will edit each other's written material so the finished product has had input from both of you.  

There is no assigned writer or editor for the final project -- you should aim to divide up tasks and put your initial story material together several days before the due date, then exchange material for editing.  You are responsible for working with your group partner to edit and polish the project before submitting it.  

When done, you will fill out the Group Activities Form to let me know what tasks each group member performed. 

Groups and general topics for final project:

Group No. Name General Topic
1 Jillian Darnell SJSU and public transit
D'Netrus Chevis-Rose
2 Matt Weiner Students' expectations for fall semester
Heather Allen
3 Andrew Hartley Students' opinions of professors
Breana Waterloo
4 Jose Garcia Campus organizations
Alicia Alvarez
5 Asia Tugbenyoh Students and jobs
Zulma Canahui-Bajxac
6 Alice Solcan Life in the Bay Area
Jeremy Martin
7 Adrian Pereda University budget
Alessio Cavalca
8 Lesley Rodriguez SJSU preparations for fall semester
Bryan Reos



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