Journalism 133: Prof. Craig: Bank Robbery Leads


Straightforward leads:  
Local police have launched an investigation to find out who robbed the Life Savings Bank Tuesday morning around 11:30 a.m. 
Customers and employees at a local bank were given a shock Tuesday morning, when the bank was robbed at gunpoint.
Police are on the lookout for a man complaining of crotch burns after an anti-theft device went off in his pants after an attempted bank robbery.
Police responded to a robbery call at a Life Savings Bank on Tuesday afternoon after witnesses saw a half-naked man fleeing the scene.
A white man in his mid-thirties robbed a Life Savings Bank near 38th Street and Pacific Avenue Tuesday morning at 11:30 a.m.

Summary leads:
After robbing a bank and stuffing the bag of money down his pants, witnesses saw a bank robberís pants explode when an anti-theft device covered him in dye.
An attempted bank robbery on Tuesday was thwarted by an alert bank teller who placed an anti-theft device into the loot bag.
Investigators are looking for a bank robber who might be stained with bright red dye after a bank robbery on 38th Street and Pacific Avenue.

Slight twist leads:
Bank teller Kathy Conover was trained on how to handle robberies one week, and the next she was actually involved in one.
Recent robbery de-escalation training and an anti-theft device helped a local bank teller in her run-in with a robber Tuesday morning..
A man in San Jose got more than he bargained for when an anti-theft device exploded in his pants after robbing a local bank Tuesday.
A robbery attempt was thwarted on Tuesday morning by an anti-theft device in an unusual way.
A man on Tuesday attempted to rob a bank but left with more than he anticipated.
A certain criminal may think twice about robbing banks again after literally being burned by his loot.
A bank teller outwitted a thief by using an anti-theft device Tuesday during an attempted bank robbery.

Absurdity leads:
Today a bank robber has a useless bag of money and one less pair of pants.
Robbers are usually punished with jail time, but a San Jose bank punished one with searing hot dye on his crotch.
Exploding pants may just be the new way to stop bank robberies.
If you were walking around 38th Street and Pacific Avenue on Tuesday morning, you might have seen something rather strange: A manís pants exploding.
A bank robbery went from bad to worse when the suspect decided to stuff the money down his pants.

Play-on-words leads:
Man dyed in robbery attempt on Tuesday morning
On Tuesday, a bank robber discovered that cold cash can actually be searing hot.
A man who robbed a local bank Tuesday has not been caught red-handed Ö yet.
Money is hot, as a local criminal found out after robbing a San Jose bank. 
A bank robber may have lost both his cash and his "jewels" thanks to a new bank anti-theft device.


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