Journalism 133: Prof. Craig: Story Ideas Exercise, Part II

Story Ideas Exercise, Part II

(1) Spartans Got Talent - April 10,2023
Interview - Jay Wright 
A Lot of students will be participating in this event
This event happens every year and it's a version of American Got Talents but for Spartan students. This event is a way for Spartans to showcase their talents. The audience helps decide which act wins first place. Not only does the first place winner win something but the audience wins prizes for participation

Secondary story idea: Story on the winner of Spartans Got Talent

(2) NWSL - Bay Area Team Coming in 2024
Interview - W Soccer Team/ Staff and Coaches
Soccer Fans

In NWSL is expanding to the Bay Area in 2024. Four International soccer legends: Brandi Chastain, Lesile Osborne, Aly Wagner, and Danielle Slaton are the reason there is a Bay Area team being added… Utah Royals have also been added to the mix and will be joining the NWSL in 2024, but that Bay Area won't have any professional women's teams in the area. There are the Golden State Warriors ,Giants, and the Sharks.

Secondary story idea: Follow up story on how the team is doing once they are here in 2024

(3) KSJS Zine - “Sound Shock”
Creators/contributors of the zine: Allyssa Demarchena, Sarah Luu, Octavio Franklin
KSJS general manager: Nick Martinez
People who have read the zine or listen to KSJS

KSJS is the local radio station that belongs to SJSU and is run by SJSU students. Some of these students have come together to create a zine called Sound Shock (this one is from February 2023) that includes KSJS history, general information and contact info of the current team, the radio schedule, top picks for albums and music selected by KSJS members, an interview with KD of orifice, and tips on how to become a DJ for KSJS.

This zine is made for students by students, to anyone who listens to KSJS, respects zine making, or maybe just needs new recommendations for music, this zine is a compelling new addition to SJSU culture.

Secondary story idea: Profile on Sarah Luu on her zine-making (has made another successful zine that's more personal to her life)



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