Journalism 133: Prof. Craig: Story Ideas Exercise, Part II

Story Ideas Exercise, Part II

(1) The Societal Impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic
● Summary: There will be a webinar on April 12 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., “The Societal Impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic and a Look Ahead to What’s Next,” discussing
how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted our society, specifically marginalized groups of people who faced the most struggles during the pandemic. Dr. Marcelle
Dougan, a professor at SJSU, will be the speaker at the event and dive into her research on how marginalized populations were directly affected as a result of the pandemic.
● Audience: students, marginalized populations
● Interviewees:
○ Dr. Marcelle Dougan, assistant professor and program coordinator at Department of Public Health and Recreation at SJSU
○ Marginalized populations, specifically students
○ Amor Santiago, health and recreation lecturer at SJSU

● Secondary Idea: The Speaker is going to mention some progress on the horizon in regards to reducing health disparities, maybe a follow up story on how/if health disparities are reducing and what can be done to ensure society continues on that path Public Art Walking Tour in downtown San Jose

(2) Public Art Walking Tour in downtown San Jose
● Summary: “Public Art as Resistance in San Jose” free walking tour will be taking place on April 8 and 16 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The tour features 12 public art projects that
portray parts of San Jose history as well as commemorate different cultures. Those who register for the tour and attend will be given a new perspective on San Jose’s art and its
rich history, including the cultural development of San Jose. The event is being put on by SJSU’s College of Humanities and the Arts and is part of SJSU’s “Geography of the
Arts” initiative.
● Audience: Students and professors of the arts, downtown community
● Interviewees:
○ Katherine Harris, project director, director of public programming at college of humanities and the arts and professor of english at SJSU
○ Shannon Rose Riley, humanities department chair, professor and coordinator of creative arts
○ Community members who attend the event

● Secondary Idea: Could do a follow up that dives deeper into one or two of the projects,
getting in touch with the artist(s) and gaining their perspective and purpose for creating
the project

(3) Fun Things to Do for Transfers around San Jose/Bay Area
● Summary: Basically ask students around campus that aren’t from the area that are interested to do fun things around the SJ area. San Jose has a lot of students that don’t know where the best food spots are or best things to do around San Jose. A lot of students don’t own a car as well so it might be difficult for them to get around other than transit. Especially to students that are under 21, what do they like to do since they are under age and have limited things to do for them.
● Audience: Students, Transfers, Under 21, Over 21
● Interviews:Any student thats a transfer, diverse men or women

● Secondary Idea: Hidden things to do in San Jose that many people don’t know or just Hiiden Gems that aren’t so popular. We see it all the time on social media and what people feel in certain places when they show their friends or family these hidden things and then things blow up.


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