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Journalism 130
Student Media Apprentice
Fall 2022

JOUR 130, Sec. 1; 3 credit units
Tuesday & Thursday, 10:30 - 11:45 a.m.
DBH209 (Spartan Daily newsroom)

About This Course:

Current Course Materials:

These materials will be updated
throughout the semester.

Course Description

Take a deep dive into a pool of multimedia concepts, techniques and skills, as you work as a student media apprentice reporter. The adventure starts by focusing on the fundamentals of reporting, writing, shooting and editing. As the weeks progress, you will practice storytelling equally in video, audio and text with photo. By the end of the semester, you will be prepared to have your stories published and aired on student media.

Various sections of this course will be taught simultaneously by professors who are experts in various media products. Your section will rotate with other sections for equal emphasis of instruction in video, audio and text.

For More Information

Please contact Prof. Craig, either by phone at 924-3287, or by e-mail at